Big Dog & Small Dog Grooming

Full Service Grooming
Professional, Caring & Experienced Groomers

First Class & Top Quality Service
Top Notch Shampoos & Conditioners
Gentle & Kind Handling  *  No Stress  *  Music  *  Garden View    Treats   *   Mini Massages  *  No Cages  *  No Kennels

Full Groom Includes:                 Full Service Beauty Bath:
>Two Brushouts                              >Two Brushouts
>Shampoo & Conditioning              >Shampoo & Conditioning
>Hair Cut & Style                            >Ear Cleaning & Plucking
>Nail Trim (grinding is extra)          >Anal Gland Expression
>Ear Cleaning & Plucking               >Pad Shave
>Anal Gland Expression                 >Sanitary Trim
>Pad Shave                                    >Nail Trim (grinding is extra)
>Cleaning between Toes                >Cleaning between Toes
>Cleaning Eyes                                >Cleaning Eyes
>Fragrance                                       > Fragrance
>Sanitary Trim

All products are healthy for the fur & skin; we spare no expense & you will see the difference in your dog’s fur. We shampoo with gentle, non-allergenic flower scented, oatmeal or fruit scented shampoos that dogs love.  Then we add a mini muscle relaxing massage, followed by a wonderful brushing.   We tweak in a little fur detangle, a warm, relaxing drying & a nail trim.  Dogs love our relaxing garden view, easy music and the fingertip gentleness provided in our comfortable doggie lounge.  We even give bow wow treats.  We give the best cuts and service but our prices are very competitive.

If your dogs are boarding with us, we are happy to groom them at the end of their stay & send them home fresh & clean.

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