Raving Reviews

Redmond, Ruth B., two Hunt Terriers, Jake & Teddy writes:  “I am an enthusiastic supporter of Doggie Care Resort.  My dogs have had weekly visits to daycare since they were puppies at 16 weeks old.  They have learned manners and socializing skills from Dona and the “Crew”.  I never have a moment’s worry dropping them off for a day or overnight stay.  I know for sure they have a wonderful time.  Dogs are not locked in crates ever. Jake and Teddy are out and about in the gardens playing with the other dogs under Dona’s supervision or inside in one of the big play rooms if it’s raining. Consequently, I pick up happy but tired dogs that are usually asleep before we leave the driveway”.

Redmond, Jaime with Marco, a 2 1/2 Lab-beagle mix writes:  “Our dog loves going to Doggie Care Resort as he enjoys playing with others his own size. We love the fact that he has ample space to run around and play in since he has a lot of energy.  We have been taking him there for a couple of years now and are really happy with everything.”

Kenmore, Havanese, Bella’s mom, Pearl, writes:“My dog Bella loves Dona and the Doggie Care Resort because dona is so good to her and shows her so much attention.  She gets to run and play.  I never worry because I know she is safe. Bella is always so happy when I pick her up and doesn’t want to go home. Dona treats every dog like they were her own.  She and her husband, Gary, have a passion for animals and it shows. Dona is always there with the dogs either playing with them or loving them.  She is a professional trainer but also highly responsible in serving her furry guests natural, wholesome treats and food.  They are the kindest, most down to earth people you will ever meet.   The place is meticulous and safe.  We love you guys.  You are Number One.”

Bellevue, Cocker Spaniel, Karma’s mom, B. Davis, writes: “My dog pulls me out of the car trying to get inside the gates. She always runs to Dona for a hug. The most amazing thing is that there’s almost no barking and no stressed dogs. They are all small and are running and playing with each other.”

Seattle, Frieda the Boston Terrier’s parents, Peter & Melissa write:  “When going on vacation, it is so worthwhile to cross the bridge to get to such a responsible “all small dog” facility.  I wouldn’t take Frieda anywhere else.”

Kirkland, Bailey’s mom, K. Malvern, writes for her Maltese: “Doggie Care Resort is a fabulous boarding and day care setting for little dogs.  When you walk through the gate you are greeted by an array of little furry friends who are smiling and wagging their tails.  Dona is so pleasant too. I always enjoy visiting with her. She knows each of the little doggies by name and clearly loves what she does. She has such a good understanding of their behaviors and character. I have never hesitated to leave my 5 lb, 13-year-old Maltese with Dona as I know she will be well cared for and loved.”

Woodinville, Lynette & Jean, owners of Shit Tzu, Edgar and Dharma write:  “Dona has a special place in her heart for all dogs, old, young, shy, playful and etc. We love Dona’s Doggie Care Resort since we know our dogs Edgar & Dharma are safe and receive excellent care. Whenever we are walking the dogs, we always get compliments on how well behaved the dogs are. Dona is a professional trainer and always works with the dogs.  We believe our dogs are better socialized and act better because of Dona’s reinforcement of their training.  “Thank You” Dona!”

Kirkland, Marilyn B., owner of Tommy the Pug writes: “Dona works magic with her furry, four legged pals..when you arrive at her lovely garden you are greeted with happy, unstressed, quiet wagging tails (no howling hystrics ever). She brings out the best in each of her little friends.”

Redmond, Westie, Bosco’s mom, Karen T. writes: “Doggie Care Resort is the best!  The gardens are beautiful and the dogs get to enjoy exploring the many crooks and crannies. I feel like my Westie, bosco, is probably having more fun with his vacation than I am on mine.  I’m very confident in the care he receives and love having it kennel free.”

Woodinville, K. Johnson, owner of Doxie, Charlie and rescued Poodle, Lulu writes: “Some things are meant to be…a friend in Renton saw the dog sitter ad in the Renton paper and sent it to me since she knew I previously had an unfortunate experience with another sitter and needed to make a change.  I went to see Dona. She is truly a loving and caring person for ALL the doggies and mine love to go there. The house and grounds are very safe, pet friendly and well supervised.  I now count dona as a good friend, lucky for me and lucky for my two dogs.”

Woodinville, C. Orr writes for her two small Yorkies, Trixie & Tango: “Our Yorkies were only six months old when we were going on vacation for 10 days and I knew they and we wouldn’t be happy leaving them caged up for 10 days. So I searched on the web and found the Doggie Care Resort. They immediately started to socialize with the other little dogs and I felt really comfortable leaving them. It gives them a chance to be around other dogs their size and they are really well taken care of. Now every chance we have, we take the to Doggie Care Resort.”

Redmond, cute Abernathy, a Silky Terrier’s mom writes: “Doggie Care Resort is like bringing your dog to trusted friends who care for him in their home. Since I started bringing my dog there, he is happier and healthier and I never worry about him getting lonely or bored (like he would in a cage or kennel).”

Redmond, Obbie & Abby’s mom, Sara, writes for her two Pugs: We were so happy when we found Dona and Doggie Care Resort! We have used other places with kennels when we are going out of town but always felt bad to leave our “girls”. When we started going to Dona’s kennel-free place, we felt totally at ease.  Our dogs are happy to be there and very well cared for.  It makes the time away from home like a vacation for all of us.”

Woodinville, sweet, little Missy’s mom, S. Egan writes: “Doggie care Resort is truly the best place I have ever found for taking care of our dog, Missy. It is hard leaving your dog when you go on vacation but not when we are leaving her with Dona at Doggie Care Resort. She takes such good care of Missy and all her dogs and truly loves them.  I highly recommend Doggie Care Resort for boarding your small dog.”

Redmond, D. Spiller writes for her Pomerians: “I have been a friend and customer of Doggie Care resort for years. I love picking my dogs up after their stay there. They are not all stressed out like at other places I have taken them.”

Redmond, K. Kost writes for her four mini Schnauzers: “Taking my fur children to Dona’s is like dropping them off on their vacation. The love it. You just know that your pups are getting the best care ever.  I wonder if Dona would let me stay at her doggie spa; it’s too good to be true, just ask my minature schnauzers.”